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Cecotec Conga 2290 Ultra Robot Vacuum Cleaner | 05661

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Robot vacuum cleaner with iTech SmartGyro 4.0 technology that scrubs, vacuums and sweeps at once. 2100 Pa. App with map. Organized cleaning of your house’s surface. Pet brush. Alexa & Google Assistant.

Thanks to its innovating 4-in-1 technology, the robot vacuums, scrubs and sweeps simultaneously.

Its Virtual Map system will display your home’s map on your App.
The robot will create the map as it cleans. Plus, you will be able to see it later in the cleaning record. The robot creates different maps for different moments, which allows improving cleaning routes thanks to its intelligence.

It is programmed with iWash system with 3 scrubbing modes:
High, perfect for thorough scrubbing; Medium, ideal for daily scrubbing; and Low, perfect for coarse cleaning. Thanks to this 3 modes, you will be able to mop any type of surface.

Choose between its 8 cleaning modes:  Auto, Random, Edge, Intensive scrubbing, Room, Spiral, Manual and Back home.

The robot operates through Total Surface technology in order to efficiently clean your home’s surface. 
The robot automatically returns to the charging base taking the quickest way when it runs out of battery, charges its battery and resumes the cleaning process until it finishes it.

The robot scrubs for you!
Its Wash4You system will allow you to mop and scrub just by assembling the tank. Smart scrubbing thanks to its pump system that distributes water flow according to each circumstance, achieving efficient results, in as many metres as possible.

Includes a Magnetic Strip for setting a magnetic wall to select areas or rooms that you do not want to clean.