Neff N90 Built-in Single Oven | B58VT68HOB
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Neff N90 Built-in Single Oven | B58VT68HOB

Product Features:
Home connect
Multipoint meatprobe
Pyrolytic self cleaning
Dough proving function
Door temperature 30 °C
Telescopic shelf runners
Multi point roast thermometer
Area of largest baking sheet 1290
Length of electrical supply cord 120cm
Remote diagnostics, remote monitoring and control

Slide and Hide
See some magic and discover disappearing door. Slide&Hide Door smoothly fits under the oven – without reducing the oven’s size – so you can taste and baste with ease. No more awkward bending as you cart your cheesy casseroles and crispy kales away. Just pull up the comfortable rotating handle without changing your hand position to close when you’re done. Make room for magic. Make room for mouth-watering memories.

Pyrolytic Self-Cleaning with Easyclean: the Combined Cleaning Powers of Heat and Water
After the Sunday roast comes the cleaning. have Pyrolytic Self-Cleaning. Scrubbing the oven becomes a thing of the past. Turn on the function and let it transform all the spatterings and drippings into ash. When the oven has cooled, wipe off the rest and presto, your oven is spick and span again. Easy Clean comes in handy as a quick way to clean your oven interior in between. Just some water and a drop of liquid detergent, activate the Easy Clean programme and wipe off the softened food residue afterwards.

High Resolution TFT-Display with Full Touch Control
Cooking should be intuitive, we think. full-colour, extra-large TFT-Display is high-contrast and high-resolution to make it easy for you to see. You can work directly on the Full Touch Control to set the time, adjust the temperature, and change from bake to grill. Simply touch or swipe the fast and user-friendly surface, just like you would on your phone. Full Touch – from finger-pointing precision to finger-licking goodness.

Comfort Flex Extension Rails: Grasp the Baking Sheet Conveniently From the Sides
With Comfort Flex, taking your turkey out of the oven has never been so trouble-free. With fully extending rails, you can pull the tray all the way out. Handling that giant roast is a piece of cake – you can grab the tray easily from the sides with both hands. It’s also more comfortable as you’re away from the heat. The rails can be placed on the top, middle or bottom for convenience.

Nefflight: Illuminate Your Cooking
Illuminate your cooking. Look into the far corners of your oven in comfort with NEFFLight. Special prisms evenly distribute the glare-free LED light from both sides of the door. All shelves are illuminated from all angles – there’s no need to even open the door. And as you take a peek at your rump-roasts and delicious desserts, you won't cast a shadow. For a clear and brilliant view of your food.

Home Connect: Connected Living
Because life is about savouring the moment. With Home Connect you can relish the freedom of interacting with your smart home appliances from wherever you are. Make use of Home Connect’s extensive partner network and get inspired by your wifi-enabled appliances. Have them support you in your creative process, so you can spend precious time with friends and family. Live an inspired life, because every moment counts.

Baking and Roasting Assistant with Automatic Programmes: the Duo for Optimal Baking at Your Command
Not quite sure how long to cook your sponge cake, roast beef, or lasagna. Baking and Roasting Assistant together with the Automatic Programmes do the trick. Suggestions for the ideal cooking time, temperature, and mode for many dishes are at your fingertips. Simply scroll and select. Confirm with a touch and start right away, the oven will do the rest. A convenience that makes baking all the sweeter.

Miele Ovens
Brand Neff
Product Category
  • Home Appliances
Width 596 mm
Depth 548 mm
Height 595 mm
Weight 45.100 kg
Oven Features
Door Type Drop Down
Grill Type Full & Half
No. of Functions (Main/Sub-Oven) 14
Number of Ovens 1
Oven Type Conventional
Single/Double Single Oven
Special Features
  • Child Lock
  • Easy Clean
  • Control panel lock
  • Residual Heat Indicator
  • Heating Up Indicator
Construction Type Built-In
Fuel Type Electric
Steam Oven Yes
  • Pyrolytic Cleaning
  • Hydrolytic Cleaning
  • Active Clean
Oven Capacity
Total Oven Capacity 71 L
Display & Controls
Control Type Touch
Touchscreen Yes
Interior Lights Yes
Auto Shut-off Yes
Electrical Connection 16 A
Power Source Electric
Voltage 220 - 240 V
Energy Consumption per Cycle 0.74 kwh
Energy Rating A

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Customer Reviews

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