Samsung RS3000 American-Style Fridge Freezer, Metal Graphite | RS54N3103SA/EU
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Samsung RS3000 American-Style Fridge Freezer, Metal Graphite | RS54N3103SA/EU

Top features:
  • Total No Frost prevents ice build-up in the fridge
  • Efficient cooling keeps everything at the same temperature without wasting energy
  • Power freeze turns up the chill to freeze new items quickly
  • Handy features for day-to-day use
  • Holiday mode saves energy when you're away
Total No Frost
No one wants to spend time on a Saturday afternoon clearing ice out of their fridge. The Samsung RS3000 RS54N3103SA/EU American-Style Fridge Freezer prevents ice from building up, so you have one less thing to worry about.

Efficient cooling
With All-Around Cooling, every item on every shelf will be cooled evenly. There are strategically placed vents around the RS54N3103SA that keep the cool air circulating, maintaining freshness of food on every shelf.

The digital inverter compressor is the machinery that keeps things cool. It adapts to how much cooling is needed, changing its running speed to only provide as much cooling as is required. Compared to a conventional compressor, the digital inverter compressor doesn't use more electricity than necessary. As well as saving energy, it'll run quieter too.

Power freeze
Putting food in the freezer can temporarily warm up the area around it before the chill sets in. Power freeze gets to work when new food is added, chilling the area so that your already frozen goodies aren't affect.

Handy features
It can be easy to leave the door open when you're preparing a big dinner or putting away a family's worth of shopping. Letting all the cool air escape can cause food to start warming up, so a warning will sound if you leave the door open for too long.

Little ones have a knack for getting places they shouldn't. The child lock ensues that curious hands can't sneak into the Samsung RS54 and steal all the chocolates, as they won't be able to open the door without your permission.

Holiday mode
Going on holiday? When you switch on Holiday Mode, the fresh food section of the fridge will be depowered, but the freezer will be unaffected. You'll save electricity by not heating up unused sections while you're away, and your frozen treats will be waiting for you when you get back.

  • Gross Total(Litre): 566 ℓ
  • Gross for Freezer(Liter): 207 ℓ
  • Gross for Fridge(Liter): 359 ℓ
  • Net Total(Litre): 535 ℓ
  • Net for Freezer(Litre): 179 ℓ
  • Net for Fridge(Litre): 356 ℓ
Physical specification
  • Net Width(mm): 912 mm
  • Net Case Height with Hinge(mm): 1789 mm
  • Net Depth with Door Handle(mm): 734 mm
  • Net Depth without Door Handle(mm): 672 mm
  • Net Depth without Door(mm): 605 mm
  • Packing Width(mm): 974 mm
  • Packing Height(mm): 1907 mm
  • Packing Depth(mm): 776 mm
  • Net Weight: 98 kg
  • Packing Weight(kg): 105 kg
  • 20/40/40H (Container): 18/36/36
Cooling Feature
  • No Frost: Yes
  • Multi Flow: Yes
  • Power Cool Function: No
  • Cooling Type: Mono Cooling
Refrigerator Feature
  • Number of Shelf (Total): 5 EA
  • Dairy Compartment: Yes
  • Wine Rack: No
  • Number of Door Pocket: 4 EA
  • Egg Container(Egg Tray): Yes
  • Interior LED Light: LED
  • Shelf Material: Tempered Glass
  • Number of Vegetable&Fruit Drawer: 2 EA
Freezer Feature
  • Number of Shelf (Total): 4 EA
  • Freezer Star Rating: 4 Star
  • Number of Door Pocket: 5 EA
  • Interior LED Light: LED
  • Ice Tray: Yes
  • Number of Drawer: 2 EA
General Feature
  • Door Alarm: Yes
  • Refrigerant: R-600a
  • Cyclopentane Insulation: Yes
  • Autonomy Hour (Temp rising): 8 h
  • Compressor: Digital Inverter Compressor
Exterior Feature
  • Beverage Station: No
  • Display Type: External
  • Door Handle: Barosa Bar
  • Color: Metal Graphite
  • Energy Efficiency Class: A+
  • Noise Level: 43 dBA
  • Climate Class: SN,N,ST,T
  • Cooling Capacity (kg/24h): 10 kg/24hr
  • Energy Consumption: 444 kWh/year
  • Vacation Mode: Yes

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