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Floorcare Buying Guide

Floorcare Buying Guide

There’s something strangely satisfying about a freshly cleaned floor. Whether it’s a newly vacuumed carpet or a recently mopped floor, somehow it makes the home look brand new. At least, it does until the rest of the household comes traipsing in and ruins the illusion.

Studies have found that the floors of an average home can harbour up to 800 bacteria per square inch.  More if there are pets in the home or the household is a large one.  Be they carpeted, tiled, hardwood, laminate, vinyl or stone, clean floors are an important part of a healthy living space.  That’s why floor care is top of the agenda for homes across Ireland. So, what is the best way to keep our floors germ-free and fresh?


Five Floor Care Essentials

Floor care has three aims; to keep the home germ-free and to maintain and protect flooring. To keep your home germ-free and looking great, we recommend these five floor care essentials:

 1. A Quality Vacuum Cleaner

Choose a vacuum cleaner that suits your floor type (hardwood, carpet, tile, etc.) but also one that will work hard on your behalf. A low quality vacuum can increase the time and effort needed to keep your home clean.  Keep reading for more tips for choosing the right vacuum.


 2.  A Mop and Bucket

For deep cleaning and stain removal, a bucket and mop are the best for washing hard flooring after you vacuum. It also allows you to further disinfect high-traffic areas in your home such as bathrooms and hallways.


 3. Air Purifiers For Allergen Control

Anyone concerned about allergies should consider home air purifiers to work in tandem with regular cleaning. Air purifiers will minimise the dust and allergens in the air and prevent them from settling on surfaces. A must have for any homes with allergies or breathing conditions.


 4. Vacuum Bags and Filters

Not all vacuums need them - but if your vacuum uses bags or filters, keep spares on hand for stress free cleaning. Stock up regularly so you never run out.


5. A Cleaning Schedule

Establishing a cleaning schedule that suits your lifestyle, will keep cleaning stress free and prevent germs and dirt from building up. Break up your cleaning tasks into bite size chunks to make them more manageable.

Extend the lifespan of your home flooring and create a healthier living space with these five simple floor care essentials.


How To Choose The Best Vacuum Cleaner


The best kind of vacuum cleaner to buy depends on your specific needs and preferences. There are, however, four popular types to consider - cordless, corded, robot, and wet-dry vacuums. At Irwins Megastore, we stock a range of vacuum model types with unique features to cater to all cleaning needs.


Cordless Vacuums


Cordless vacuums provide unmatched convenience for both quick and thorough cleaning. For a start, they are battery-powered, making them highly manoeuvrable without the hassle of cords. Some cordless vacuums like the Dyson V15 Detect come with wall mounted docking stations making them ideal for small  spaces. Cordless vacuums are also excellent for quick clean-ups, reaching tight spaces, and handling smaller living spaces such as apartments and studios.   Depending on your needs you might like the handy added features that many cordless vacuums come with. The Shark Anti Hair Wrap cordless vacuum, for example, separates short and long hair as it cleans.


Shop Cordless Vacuums


Corded Vacuums


Corded vacuums are the traditional workhorses of home cleaning and are as popular today as ever. They offer consistent power without worrying about battery life and can handle extended cleaning sessions. Corded vacuums are suitable for larger homes and areas with heavy foot traffic as well as smaller spaces. Before buying, consider your storage options for where you will keep your new corded vacuum when it’s not in use.


Corded vacuums also offer great value, with models starting at around €50. Classic corded vacuums like everyone's favourite Henry hoover are both great value and have an A-rating for energy use.  Having gone through a quiet revolution of innovative makeovers, corded vacuums now have even more great features. Choose from corded vacuums with air-purifying filters, upholstery tools, pet hair cleaners, powerful motors and more.


Shop Corded and Cylinder Vacuums


Robot Vacuums


Robot vacuums have gained more and more popularity as more people switch to smart home technology. Favoured for their hands-free operation, robot vacuums navigate and clean your floors automatically and without supervision. For busy individuals and those who want to maintain a consistently clean home, they are the ideal floor care solution.


Robot vacuums work well on hard floors and low-pile carpets and can navigate around furniture, people and pets. Models like the Midea M7 Pro go a step further and also mop floors as they go. Ready to get to work at any time, you will love how easy it is to control your robot vacuum. Setting your robot vacuum to work is as simple as clicking the app or using voice activation technology. And, when it’s done vacuuming, your trusty robot vacuum will return itself to its docking station to charge. Better still, models like the Midea S8+ robot vacuum can clean floors for up to a month before needing emptying. This means less work for you and more time to put your feet up.


Shop Robot Vacuums


Wet-Dry Vacuums


Do you dream of a machine that can do everything? Of having fewer cleaning tools in the house and simplifying floor care? Then look no further than our wet-dry vacuums. Wet-dry vacuums are versatile tools designed to handle both wet and dry messes. They are perfect for kitchens, bathrooms and areas with hard flooring and do away with the need to mop after vacuuming.


Did you know that Henry and Hetty hoovers have a big brother called George - a wet-dry vacuum? One of the standout features of the George vacuum is its built-in water pump. This feature enables George to handle wet cleaning tasks, such as shampooing carpets and upholstery as well as scrubbing hard floors. The pump ensures that water is effectively dispersed and extracted during the cleaning process. Leaving you with a clean and hygienic home every time.


Before making your decision about which vacuum to buy, consider your specific cleaning needs, budget, and home size. Each vacuum type has its advantages, and choosing the right one will ensure your cleaning tasks are efficient and hassle-free. For advice on how to choose the best vacuum for your home, call into Irwins Megastore today.


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