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Revolutionising Cooking: Air Fryer Tips for a New Experience

Revolutionising Cooking: Air Fryer Tips for a New Experience

We could definitely understand if you think that Air-Fryers just recently made their appearance in the cooking world, but the truth is that they’ve been around for a while, in fact, the modern and compact model that we know and love nowadays was brought to the market first in 2010 by Philips, however, they were out of most people’s radar for a long time, until just a couple of years ago when we suddenly got flooded with tons of recipes and instruction manuals to this wonderful invention. 

These little machines have so many meal prep possibilities and fit so well in your life that are becoming a home essential only a couple of years after hitting the cultural mainstream. And to be honest, that is not surprising, due to the fact that this kitchen gadget is welcomed in homes all over the world filling generational gaps; it is helpful to teens, moms young adults and even grandma and grandpa can take advantage of it.

Air Fryer

Now, you might wonder? How on earth does an Air-Fryer work? And why is it perfectly frying my chips without a delicious but very greasy bath of oil? Hmm.. suspicious… 

Well, basically, Air-Frying Is a cooking technique that uses superheated air circulated at a very high speed (Rapid Air Technology), so, like a typical oven, the air-fryer heats up, but then the fan blows the air around, which means faster cooking time and crispy skin on meats, allowing us to fry food with a much smaller amount of fat compared to the traditional frying methods, resulting in the same crispy and perfectly golden-brown food, but much healthier. There are just no downsides to it. 

Tips for Better use of an Air Fryer

  • Shake it: Be sure to open the air fryer and shake foods around as they “fry” in the machine’s basket—smaller foods like French fries and chips can compress. For best results, rotate them every 5-10 minutes.
  • Don’t overcrowd: Give foods plenty of space so that the air can circulate effectively; that’s what gives you crispy results. Our test kitchen cooks swear by the air fryer for snacks and small batches.
  • Give foods a spray: Lightly spray foods with cooking spray or add just a bit of oil to ensure they don’t stick to the basket.
  • Keep it dry: Pat foods dry before cooking (if they are marinated, for example) to avoid splattering and excess smoke. Similarly, when cooking high-fat foods like chicken wings, make sure to empty the fat from the bottom machine periodically.
  • Master other cooking methods: The air fryer isn’t just for frying; it’s great for other healthy cooking methods like baking, roasting and grilling, too. Our test kitchen also loves to use the machine for cooking salmon!

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