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Which is Better? Hand Mixers or Stand Mixers

Which is Better? Hand Mixers or Stand Mixers


If you’re into cooking, and especially if you enjoy baking delicious treats at home, a mixer is a must-have tool for your kitchen, they will immediately become time and effort savers, while also delivering smoother and more consistent results than what could be achieved by hand. 

Still, we know you might ask yourself whether you should get a hand mixer or a stand mixer, so we are here to discuss some facts about both kinds of machines that will hopefully help you decide which one of them can make things easier for you.

Hand Mixers

Kenwood Hand Mixer | HM220

Smaller and lighter, they are super easy and convenient to store and so portable that you can mix anywhere you want, very simple to operate and definitely cheaper and easier to clean than most stand mixers.

But, as not everything can be good, you can’t drop it or walk away from it while mixing and it can also take longer periods of time to reach the desired point of the mix.

Stand Mixers

Kenwood KMix 1000W 5L Stand mixer - Cream | 0W20011141

Have more speed and range of power, their hands-free mixing allows you to multi-task while your mix gets underway. An array of accessories and different attachments are available for these machines, expanding their capabilities from just mixers to meat grinders or pasta cutters and rollers, to name a few. 

Of course, all these benefits will require you to pay for them, with stand mixers prices being considerably higher than for the hand mixers, and demanding way more room to store them, given the fact that they are big and usually really heavy.

Which mixer should you use?  

Honestly, it depends on which recipes you plan to make as well as how often you plan to use the mixer. If it’s only for the occasional small batch of cookies, then a hand mixer will be more than good. However, if you are planning to mix and knead your own pizza dough on a weekly basis, then save yourself some effort and opt for a stand mixer. 

Now, If you regularly prepare a variety of recipes, best case scenario is to own both. That way you can use whichever is best suited to the job, but If you aren’t planning to do heavy duty mixing, or running a small business from your kitchen, you can probably get away with owning a hand mixer until your budget allows you to invest in a stand mixer. 


It's up to you now!, make your choice and get ready for some mixing, but not before checking the mixers available at Irwins right here: Mixers - Irwins Megastore

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