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Best Coffee Machines for Home Brewing in Ireland

Best Coffee Machines for Enjoyable Home Brewing in 2023

Modern coffee makers provide convenience, style and control never previously available for at home coffee consumers. Coffee machines are now invaluable kitchen appliances for coffee lovers and busy households everywhere.

Whether it's a pod machine, manual espresso maker, super-automatic brewer or something in between, we have the model for you.

In our experience, coffee enthusiasts’ needs are not to be trifled with, that’s why we stock an extensive coffee machine range. From larger coffee machines for multiple servings to compact machines, customisable settings and programmable presets, we have them. Take a look below at our 2023 guide to the best coffee machines in Ireland.

Best Bean To Cup Coffee Machine

The DeLonghi Dinamica Bean To Cup Coffee Machine

The DeLonghi Dinamica Bean To Cup Coffee Machine is without a doubt our favourite bean to cup machine this year. The design is sleek, stylish and sure to impress any guests you have over.

Not only does it look good but this 5-star-rated coffee machine also performs outstandingly. Your morning coffee will never be bland again. Enjoy a smooth latte, frothy cappuccino, espresso or even a long doppio. The DeLonghi Dinamica is a hard working machine that grinds your coffee beans for the freshest aroma and taste. It then brews the perfect strength coffee, while also offering you the option of frothy warm milk from its cappuccinatore.

This is a coffee machine for serious coffee connoisseurs who love to try new coffee beans at home. It is ideal for a household of coffee lovers and for entertaining. It also makes a great gift for a significant birthday, office or wedding. One customer who bought it as a gift told us their friend “loves the taste and aroma of the coffee it produces. Highly recommended”.

What Is A Bean To Cup Coffee Machine?

Bean to cup coffee machines gives that barista quality ground coffee freshness in the comfort of your own home.  With an integrated coffee bean grinder and coffee maker, these professional looking machines brew intense aromatic coffee just for you.

Best Coffee Pod Machine

Coffee pod machines have experienced a dizzying rise in popularity since coming to Ireland. Having tried and tested more coffee than we dare to admit, we are torn between these two winning coffee pod machines.

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Magimix 11385 Nespresso Vertuo Plus Coffee Machine

Nespresso was first to market with pod machines in Ireland and has gone on to expand its offerings massively.  The Magimix 11385 Nespresso Vertuo Plus Coffee Machine is a Nespresso coffee pod machine that’s hard to ignore.

As well as sublime coffee, this is a coffee pod machine that offers a range of drink choices. Aside from the expansive range of coffee options, it also offers various sized drinks. Enjoy an espresso (40 ml),  to start your day or relax with a travel mug (414 ml) of your favourite blend.

This Nespresso coffee pod machine effortlessly combines top rate coffee with convenience. In turn, it makes your coffee enjoyment as straightforward as one-touch brewing. The Magimix Nespresso coffee machine works exclusively with Vertuo pods and uses centrifusion technology for the ultimate coffee taste and aroma. This innovative coffee machine recognises each type of coffee capsule using a barcode system. It then adjusts its settings automatically to suit each coffee blend.

Delonghi Mini Me Nescafe Dolce Gusto System

The Delonghi Mini Me Nescafe Dolce Gusto System is a delightful compact coffee pod machine built for speed and convenience. 

This is a lightweight option for coffee lovers that can easily stow away and takes up little kitchen space. Compatible with a vast range of Dolce Gusto, and other pods, your drink options are near endless. Frothy cappuccinos, tasty hot chocolates, americanos, lattes and more - all from the comfort of your own home.

Like other pod machines, the Delonghi Mini Me gives a one-touch coffee making experience. It is bound to become your trusty morning companion as you get ready for your day.

What is a Coffee Pod Machine?

If convenient coffee is your goal then a coffee pod machine is your best bet. They are easier to use than other types of coffee machines and can be used for hot or cold drinks. Pods are also great if you want something quick and simple as they don't require much effort on your part. Using a coffee pod machine is as simple as popping in your desired pod type, closing the lid and pressing start. In short, pod machines are an easy and mess free way to make a tasty cup of coffee at home.

Best Barista Coffee Machine

Sage Barista Express Impress Steel Coffee Machine

For the full at home barista experience, you can’t go wrong with a Sage Barista Express Impress Steel Coffee Machine. This is a sleek, chrome coloured, machine that goes from bean to espresso in under a minute. Give yourself the gift of real freshly brewed coffee from your own kitchen and with your favourite coffee beans.

Anyone that knows their coffee, needs to know that this is a machine for the expert home barista. With the Sage Barista Express Impress, you don’t only get the perfect amount of coffee and perfected temperature. You also get expert features like microfoam creation for making your own latte art.

What Is A Barista Coffee Machine?

A home barista coffee machine is a domestic-sized espresso machine that is designed to make barista-quality coffee at home. So, they look much like the machines found in coffee shops. Only, on a much smaller scale. They typically include features such as an integrated coffee bean grinder, thermoJet or thermocoil heating systems, and a portafilter. 

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Best Induction & Hob Top Coffee Maker

It’s a tie, we couldn’t possibly choose between these two, so we declare them joint winners. The Cecotec Cumbia Moking 400 Coffee Maker and Bialetti New Venus Coffee Maker are both beautifully designed hob-top coffee makers. With either of these in your home, you will be enjoying great tasting coffee in style in no time.

The Cecotec Cumbia Moking 400 Coffee Maker

Conveniently, the Cecotec Cumbia Moking can be used on gas, induction, electric or glass-ceramic hobs. Like most induction and hop coffee makers, the Cecotec Cumbia Moking is made with stainless steel. However, unlike others, it is finished with a striking copper colour that will look beautiful in any kitchen. As well as being stylish, this coffee maker delivers coffee with great body and aroma.

For added convenience, the makers of the Cecotec Cumbia Moking have made its parts dishwasher safe too. Helping you relax more, without mess and fuss at coffee time. And, despite its compact size, it can serve four cups at a time. What’s not to love?

Bialetti New Venus Coffee Maker

Made by the creators of the original hob top coffee machine, The Bialetti New Venus is streamlined and modern. Quick and easy to use, the Bialetti will have an espresso in your hand within five minutes or less. Wow guests with great coffee, thanks to the Bialetti’s 6 espresso cup capacity, or enjoy one large mug.

The Bialetti New Venus Coffee Maker can also be used with various hob types, including induction, electric and gas. The beauty of induction and hob top coffee makers is their compact size. For kitchens with less counter space, these coffee makers can be cleaned and popped in a cupboard out of the way.

What Are Induction and Hob Top Coffee Makers?

Hob top coffee makers are jug-like metal vessels in which fresh coffee can be brewed using the heat of a stovetop.  An induction coffee maker is a similar type of coffee maker is designed to be used on only induction hobs.

The idea behind these coffee makers is to provide the same experience as a traditional Italian coffee maker. Typically made of stainless steel, induction coffee makers feature a one-button operation, making them easy to use.

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