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The Ultimate Camping Checklist

The Ultimate Camping Checklist

With stunning natural beauty, diverse landscapes, and unique camp site locations, Ireland is a fantastic place to go camping. Not far from our Irwins Megastore locations in Cork and Waterford are some of the most unique camping locations in Ireland. 

Our favourite campsites in Cork include Gougane Barra and Inchydoney. Gougane Barra is situated in a scenic glacial valley, whilst Inchydoney is famous for its stunning beach and dunes. A little way up the coast, Ardmore, Waterford, is a picturesque seaside village offering scenic views and stunning cliff walks. While, the Copper Coast Geopark, stretching from Kilfarrasy to Stradbally, is a UNESCO Global Geopark with fascinating geological features and camping facilities.


The Secret To A Great Camping Experience

Getting to a campsite and realising you can’t charge your phone or get takeaway coffees can be a blow. Especially if you are used to, and fond of, your creature comforts. To guarantee the most enjoyable, stress-free and memorable camping experience, there is one thing you need to do - prepare thoroughly. 

Camping is great fun when you have everything you need, plus a few things for extra comfort and convenience. Taking the time to prepare makes camping trips simpler and lets you relax and switch off sooner.


Our Camping Checklist For Stress-Free Camping

 Check out our video on our camping product recommendations:



There are six items (aside from a tent) that we never go camping without. Each item is practical and helps to make camping feel a little more comfortable. Here are our six camping must-haves and why each one is a camping must-have.


Power Banks For Your Electronic Devices


Power banks are portable chargers that allow you to recharge your electronic devices, such as smartphones, cameras, and GPS devices. Especially useful for camping as you will typically be away from traditional or convenient power sources.


Power banks are invaluable on camping trips, especially if you rely on your devices for navigation, communication, or capturing memories. Stay connected even when you're far from civilization (or a plug socket) with a pocket-sized portable charger.


A Light for Your Tent


A reliable tent light or camping lantern is essential for inside your tent during the night. It allows you to move around safely, read, play games, or simply relax after the sun goes down. Look for a light that is lightweight, compact, and has adjustable brightness levels for the ideal camping experience.  Ideally, your tent light will have a hook to hang conveniently above you - like this one.


Walkie Talkies For Fun & Safety


Aside from being great fun and loved by children and adults alike, walkie-talkies can be a practical camping tool.  Especially if you have forgotten to bring a power bank to charge your phone.  Walkie-talkies provide a convenient way to communicate with your camping companions over short distances when mobile phone signals are weak. They are particularly useful for group camping trips or when exploring different parts of a campsite. They can also be useful for helping you stay connected with others in case someone gets separated from the group. Choose your favourite walkie-talkies here.


A Camping Stove For Gourmet Outdoor Cooking


A camping stove is an essential item for cooking meals and boiling water while camping. It allows you to prepare hot and delicious meals no matter where you are.  As most camping stoves run on portable fuel canisters, they are easy to use and effortlessly portable. Camping stoves are especially useful if you prefer to cook your meals instead of relying solely on restaurants and takeaways.  Shop camping stoves.


A Camping Kettle


A kettle is useful for quickly boiling water, which can serve multiple purposes while camping. You can use it to make everyone’s favourite hot beverages, prepare dehydrated meals, or even sterilise water for drinking if necessary. Compact and lightweight camping kettles are easy to carry along with your camping gear.


A Good Torch


A good torch is a must-have item for any camper for providing a reliable light source for navigating dark campsites. Whether you're walking to the bathroom facilities or searching for something in your backpack a torch ensures you can see clearly. If you’re exploring the local nature at night, a torch can help you stay safe too. Opt for a high-quality, waterproof torch with adjustable brightness settings for maximum utility. Shop torches.


All of these items will enhance your camping experience, making your trip more comfortable, convenient, and enjoyable. Together, they help you to stay connected, navigate, cook meals, and enjoy the great outdoors with added peace of mind.


Our Top Reasons To Go Camping In Ireland


  1. Ireland boasts breathtaking landscapes, including rugged coastlines, lush green countryside, majestic mountains, and serene lakes. Camping allows you to immerse yourself in these beautiful surroundings and experience nature up close.

  2. Ireland allows wild camping in certain areas, which means you can camp on public lands with minimal restrictions. This provides campers with a sense of freedom and the opportunity to explore off-the-beaten-path locations.

  3. Ireland has a well-developed camping infrastructure with a wide range of campsites and facilities catering to different preferences. Whether you prefer camping in nature or campsites with amenities like showers and electricity, you can find suitable options.

  4. Camping in Ireland offers ample opportunities for hiking, trekking, fishing, cycling, and other outdoor activities. Many campsites are located near hiking trails and adventure spots, allowing you to make the most of your time in nature.

  5. Irish people are known for their friendliness and hospitality. When camping in Ireland, you're likely to encounter warm and welcoming locals who may share stories and tips about the area.

  6. Ireland has a relatively mild climate due to the influence of the Atlantic Ocean. While it can rain at any time, the temperatures are generally moderate, making camping an option throughout much of the year.

  7. Camping in Ireland allows you to experience the country's rich history and culture firsthand. You can visit ancient ruins, mediaeval castles, traditional pubs, and experience traditional Irish music, food and dance.

  8. Ireland is home to a designated Dark Sky Reserve, where light pollution is minimal. One of only 20  Dark Sky Reserves in the world, this is a unique site for stargazing during your camping trip.

  9. With its extensive coastline, Ireland offers many opportunities for coastal camping. Falling asleep to the sound of waves and waking up to stunning ocean views can be a magical experience.

  10. Ireland promotes eco-friendly camping practices, including ‘Leave No Trace’ principles, to ensure minimal impact on the environment. Responsible camping ensures that these beautiful landscapes can be enjoyed by generations to come.


These are just some of the reasons why Ireland is a wonderful destination for camping enthusiasts. Whether you're an experienced camper or new to the experience, Ireland's natural beauty and warm culture create an unforgettable camping experience.


Next time you’re camping in Ireland, or further afield, stop by an Irwins Megastore to pick up your camping essentials.

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