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Must-Have Products for a Blissful Summer Outdoors

Must-Have Products for a Blissful Summer Outdoors

Come rain, hail or shine, Irish people know how to make the best of the summer months. Even if that means tending to a barbeque whilst holding an umbrella to keep the rain off.  Outdoor living in Ireland is where some of our best memories are made. All the more reason to be ready for when summer arrives.

Outdoor living takes on many different meanings for different people and families. For some, it means relaxing in the garden with a glass of something refreshing after work. For others, it’s camping in the garden and spotting shooting stars with their children. Perhaps, you enjoy listening to your favourite music whilst gardening or cooking outdoors with friends.

Whichever way you spend your summer outdoors, we’ve found some of the best outdoor living essentials to make it even better.  Below you will find essentials for outdoor living with children, for foodies, entertaining and staying cool in the heat.

Before you read about the outdoor living essentials, check out our summer essentials video here:


Essentials For Outdoor Living With Young Families

Outdoor living with young families often revolves around play, food and adventure. At Irwins, our team’s families love summer days full of music and, of course, ice cream.


Add Outdoor Music

One of our favourite outdoor living essentials is the PHILIPS Portable Radio. The beauty of this compact radio is that it can be powered by the mains or with batteries. Radios are great for outdoor living because it reduces screen time and prevents children squabbling over what music to play.


Make Ice Cream

Homemade food always tastes better and ice cream is no exception. With a Magimix Ice Cream Maker, you can make ice cream just the way you like it. Or even let the kids experiment and invent their own ice cream flavours. The Magimix is very simple to use and takes less than half an hour to create fuss free ice cream. Having your own ice cream maker also means you can avoid allergens like nuts and gluten.


Make SodaStream Drinks

Anyone that grew up in the 1980s or 1990s will happily reminisce about their homemade SodaStream drinks. Now, you can give your own children and grandchildren the same experience with Happy Frizz Mio Sparkling Water Maker. Add bubbles to your outdoor living fun with their favourite flavours to make their sparkling drinks the way they like. We even have a diet tonic option for the grownups.


Camp In The Garden

As a child, real outdoor living memories are made by having adventures. No childhood is complete without at least one summer spent camping in the garden. Make the adventure come alive with a NEDIS Walkie Talkie set so youngsters can entertain themselves by chatting for hours. With an 8km range, they can even use them to chat with friends. For the older child looking for some independence, this walkie talkie set is great for keeping in touch whilst they’re out.

Get that feeling of campfire stories and nighttime tales with a rechargeable lantern for the garden tent too.  This lantern from Homeline also doubles as a torch and has 16 hours of continuous light from just one charge.


Outdoor Living For Foodies & Entertaining

Summer is the season for food lovers to enjoy as many meals as possible outdoors. Breakfast on the patio, lunch on the lawn and dinner with friends and family around an outdoor grill. The blend of food and the outdoors makes every meal more memorable. It is also a wonderful season to entertain friends and family and catch up in the summer sun.

To get the most out of your food inspired outdoor living, create a recreational space that suits your needs.  Space for outdoor cooking, relaxing and hosting dinner parties with friends and family. Make your garden, balcony or patio an extension of your home and enjoy the natural surroundings while enjoying delicious food.

If you are a foodie who loves to cook, then there is nothing better than an outdoor cooking grill. Set up your BBQ at the start of the season and use it over and over until the days turn cold again. 

Make your garden the outdoor living zone that no one wants to leave. Scatter the lawn with oversized cushions and set up lights for when the sun goes down. Our Colour LED Garden String Lights can help you set a vibe for any kind of outdoor living mood. Not only are they solar powered but they also have a 1% to 100% adjustment. Letting you set the perfect atmosphere for the perfect mood. You can even set them to music for party nights and they will sync with any music type.


The Ultimate Must Haves For Entertaining Outdoors

Summer is an opportunity to take life outdoors and that includes movie nights and parties too. Make summer unforgettable with your very own outdoor cinema complete with popcorn and picnic blankets.

When the evening settles in, use a large sheet or the wall of your house to project your favourite films. Epson projectors are simple to set up and work indoors or out. What’s more, is that the lamps of the EPSON Home Projector EH-TW6150 4K have up to 10,000 hours of lifetime. Meaning you could use your projector every day and still not need replacement lamps for 15 years.

If you’re more of a music loving household than a movie loving one, then we have some fantastic news. Record players are not only hip again, but they are mainstream hip. Dig out your vintage vinyl from the attic and display it proudly in a Crosley Record Storage Crate. Let your guests pick the best hits and dance the night away as they play on your brand new turntable.

Bring your movies and records alive, with rechargeable, portable speakers. Speakers like the JBL Partybox 110 Portable Party Speaker bring a whole other dimension to any outdoor event. Along with professional sound quality, this portable speaker puts on its own light show that syncs with the music.

A similar option (that neighbours might prefer) is Bluetooth headphones. Grab a pair for the whole family and tune in to your favourite hits and movies outside. Grownups and kids all love Bluetooth headphones for their freedom and versatility. For an alternative outdoor living entertainment night, invite guests to a BYOH (bring your own headphones) silent disco in your garden.


Outdoor Living Essentials For Staying Cool

It’s fair to say that very few of us in Ireland can claim to be made for the sun. We’re just not able for extended periods of heat. For those days when the heat gets too much and you long for a breeze, fear not, we have what you need.

If you’re not a fan of the heat, then a fan is exactly what you need. The Benross Oscillating Fan, for example, will keep you cool on the hottest of days. Set it up near your favourite spot on the patio and let it cool you with a gentle flow of fresh air. This fan has four speed options and the option to switch off the oscillating motion and focus the air in one direction. For anyone that overheats quickly or just prefers to keep things cool, a portable fan like this is a no-brainer.

Air conditioners are another option for when you need relief from heat. Portable air conditioners, like the Prem-I-Air 8000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner Unit are a great choice for temporarily cooling your home. These units are efficient and environmentally friendly, making them a good option if you want to reduce your carbon footprint. They can be used anywhere, including in the backyard, garage, or even on the roof of your car.

Planning a staycation or staying with friends? Take your air conditioning unit with you for everyone to enjoy. Summer heat needn’t be unbearable when you can take these units wherever you need cooling power. And there's absolutely zero installation required. Just plug it in and turn it on.


What Is Outdoor Living

Outdoor living generally refers to the practice of spending time outside in the fresh air and sunshine. This might include engaging in outdoor activities like gardening, hiking, swimming, sunbathing, cooking, socialising, and embracing life in your garden.


Why We Love Outdoor Living

Did you know that outdoor living can be more than a bit of fun and relaxing? Spending time outdoors is important for your health too, and it can provide a number of benefits.

Spending time outdoors helps you connect with nature, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. And, whilst you relax and enjoy the calmness of nature, you will also find you breathe better. Air pollution in cities and towns triggers allergies and symptoms of respiratory conditions. A little time outdoors can lower the risk of allergies and of conditions like asthma.

Being outdoors also increases the levels of serotonin in our brains which leads to increased happiness. It’s no wonder we all look forward to summer so much.

Call in-store to Irwins Megastore or shop online at for outdoor living essentials.  Our experienced and friendly team are always on hand to lend a hand and offer advice.

P.s Don’t forget to pick up one of our extension leads to plug in your projector and record player.

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