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Alecto BV-72 Earmuffs for Babies and Toddlers - White/Mint Green | EDL A004287

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• Maximum sound attenuation of 26dB SNR for maximum hearing protection
• Diminishes harmful and loud noises while allowing ambient noise awareness.
• Suitable for children as young as 12 months
• Two sizes of headbands for a convenient fit
• Elastic adjustable headband prevents pressure on the head.
• Soft lightweight ear cushions for comfortable wearing
• Helps with undisturbed sleep, ideal for when you're on the go.
• Compact and portable design, perfect for events and festivals


Introducing the Alecto Baby BV-72, the ultimate hearing protector designed to ensure maximum protection for babies and toddlers. Specially developed with their delicate ears
in mind, the BV-72 offers a range of features to keep your little one safe from harmful noises and loud music. With a maximum sound attenuation of 26dB SNR, the BV-72 effectively diminishes loud noises without isolating your child from the surrounding ambient sounds.
This allows them to stay connected to their environment while providing a shield against overstimulation by sound.

Sound Protection and Baby/Toddler comfort.

The BV-72 is designed for optimal comfort and convenience. With two adjustable elastic headbands, it offers a perfect fit for everyone.
The soft lightweight ear cushions and adjustable headbands ensure a comfortable wearing experience, preventing pressure on their still fragile heads. Whether you're on the go or looking for undisturbed sleep, the BV-72 is a reliable companion.
Its compact and portable design makes it easy to carry, making it ideal for events, festivals, and any situation where hearing protection is essential.

Hearing Protection for Your Child: Why is it Important?

Many children suffer from hearing loss due to noise damage, and unfortunately, the number of cases is steadily increasing. Numerous studies have shown that a child's hearing is still developing and therefore less resistant to loud noise. Additionally, we live in a society where high noise levels are encountered, such as fireworks on New Year's Eve or sound installations at festivals, fairs, and other events.

Taking Your Child to a Festival? Don't Forget Hearing Protection!

Festivals are one of the places where children are increasingly exposed to loud noise. In recent years, the number of organized festivals attended by families has substantially increased.
While festivals used to be mainly populated by young people, they have now become family events where parents bring their young children to enjoy music, culture, and have a fun day out. However, in such cases, it is wise to provide your child with proper hearing protection.

Alecto: Products That Simplify Parenting

Alecto is known for creating products that make life easier for modern parents. You may already be familiar with our award-winning baby monitors, but our range extends far beyond that.
The BV-72 Hearing Protection for Children has been developed in-house at our Research & Development facilities located in the Netherlands. We have conducted extensive tests to ensure that this product effectively protects your child's hearing.