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Alecto BW600 Rapid Bottle Warmer - White | EDL A004991

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• 150ml milk is ready in 5 minutes (at 20-degree room temperature)
• Gradual and evenly heating of baby food, breast milk or formula
• Also heats baby food jars easily and safely with equipped the jar holder
• Preserves vitamins and nutrients
• Large reservoir for almost all bottle sizes and jars
• Power 210W


With the Alecto Baby BW600 bottle warmer you can heat a bottle or jar quickly and safely. With this bottle warmer you can heat baby food, (breast) milk and jars evenly to the right temperature within a few minutes

How does this bottle warmer work?
To heat up a jar, set the bottle warmer to position 3. If you want to heat up milk, you can use all three settings:
Position 1: heats gradually. This is also the ‘keep warm’ mode if you do not wish to give your baby the bottle immediately

Position 2: heating up. Works almost twice as fast as position 1

Position 3: Use if you are in a hurry to warm the bottle. The water, in which the bottle is heated, heats quickly to hot, so it is important to be careful with any splashes when taking the bottle out of the bottle warmer

At Alecto Baby, we are highly experienced in baby care and the wishes of young parents. Our products are developed to support you using quick, safe and easy methods. For example, the Alecto Baby BW600 needs nothing more than a little tap water and some power to heat a bottle or jar. Have you left home and are without water, or not enough? Then the boil-dry protection will function and save the day!

It is wonderful to watch your little one drink his or her bottle right down to the last drop whilst keeping their eyes closed or focusing on your face with interest. No matter how small babies are, they can already send signals when they are hungry and you want to heat a bottle or jar quickly and safely.

What is important with a bottle warmer?
Always choose a bottle warmer that heats the milk or food gradually and evenly. You do not want one spoonful to be lukewarm and the other piping hot! This bottle warmer heats through evenly and fast. Here are some more advantages of this bottle warmer:
• Rapid heating preserves vitamins and nutrients
• The bottle warmer can never boil dry, thanks to the protection function
• Is the bottle ready but the little one needs a nappy change first? With the keep warm function, the milk / food remains at the right temperature
• The reservoir is spacious enough for bottles and jars of all sizes
• BPA free

As a parent you are probably familiar with Alecto Baby due to our baby monitors, but we have many more fantastic baby care products, like this bottle warmer. By choosing Alecto, you purchase a well-thought-out and high-quality, user-friendly product.

What is in the box?
• Bottle warmer
• Jar holder
• Manual NL / EN / DE / FR / IT