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AMAZON Fire TV Stick Ethernet Adapter | FIRETVSTICKADAP

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AMAZON Fire TV Stick Ethernet Adapter | FIRETVSTICKADAP


Description of Fire TV Stick 4K Ethernet Adapter

  • Compatible Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Ethernet Adapter
  • RJ45 provides a speed of full 10/100Mbps ethernet performance
  • Micro USB 2.0 at 480Mbps for faster and more reliable Internet access
  • Hard wire your internet connection
  • Driver-free, don't need to install any drivers for the ethernet adapter
  • USB port: Power only, no data transmission
  • Power supply not included (You should have a 5Vdc adapter with your original device)
  • Purchase additional micro USB cable for powering device (to be plugged into the female micro USB connection - see last image for this optional connection)


  • Useful where you have a poor or intermittent WiFi signal for your Fire TV Stick 4K


  • It is plug and play and very simple to set up
  • A wired connection generally gives more consistent and reliable results


  • Plug your firestick into your TV's HDMI port
  • Connect the Micro USB connector to your firestick (connection located on the side)
  • You need to make sure the Micro USB connector is securely plugged into your firestick
  • Plug the USB cable into your 5Vdc power adapter
  • Connect an ethernet cable to the RJ45 port on the ethernet adapter of your device
  • Important note: Connect everything up and power on before connecting ethernet cable



It should be plug & play and work immediately but if not, try the following...

Step 1

  • (1a) Power off your device
  • (1b) Disconnect all cables from your device
  • (1c) Reconnect all connections securely apart from your ethernet cable
  • (1d) Power your device back on
  • (1e) Reconnect your LAN cable

If it doesn't work, try Step 2

  • (2a) Check settings on your device
  • (2b) Make sure Internet Connection Setting = Wired
  • (2c) Wired should be selected as your primary connection method

If it doesn't work, try Step 3

  • (3a) Upgrade firmware on your device

If it doesn't work, try Step 4 (last resort)

  • (4a) Do a factory reset on your device