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Toshiba 3-in-1 Wireless Audio System Triple Pack (Earbuds/Headphones/Speaker) - Silver | HSP3P195S

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Product Description

Stylish triple audio system. Comfortable Toshiba Headphone comes with a Toshiba speaker and in-ear headphones.

Toshiba Wireless On-Ear Headphones - Up to 10 Hours of Your Favorite Music PlaybackComfortable Toshiba Headphone will give you up to ten hours of listening to your favorite hits on a single charge! These wireless headphones are the perfect choice for all active and demanding people. The device is very light and the design itself is extremely comfortable, which ensures maximum comfort of use. Even when listening to your favorite hits for hours, you can count on the utmost comfort. The equipment will perfectly adapt to the shape of your head, as well as your ears, so the headphones will not slip off while playing music. Forget about cumbersome cables that tend to get tangled. These fully wireless headphones will give you complete freedom of movement.

Sensational designThe headphones are not only very practical and functional, but also look great. Their stylish design will work for both women and men. The device uses Bluetooth technology, which means that you can freely connect it with your smartphone, for example. This will ensure that you can hear sounds even over long distances, up to ten meters! The Bluetooth function will allow you to synchronize the headphones with up to two devices at the same time. You will be able to freely switch headphones between devices and enjoy full convenience of use.

Agreat advantage of the headphones is also the built-in microphone, which will allow you to make high-quality phone calls at any time. You'll be able to answer your phone without even taking it out of your bag! And that's thanks to the convenient multi-function button. Talk time on a single charge is up to twelve hours! And this is thanks to the powerful battery that has been installed in the device.

Great quality soundThis is not the end of the advantages of this device. The headphones have a frequency response of 20 Hz to even 20 kHz. This means that both the treble and the ultra-low bass will be powerful and crystal clear! Listening to your favorite hits with this device will be pure pleasure. In addition, the equipment is extremely safe for your sensitive ears. The frequency range is adjusted accordingly so as not to damage your hearing.

They are perfect for any tripAn additional advantage of the headphones is their low weight. They weigh just two hundred every gram, which means they're perfect for any trip. They are easy to transport and are made of very strong and durable materials, so there is no risk of them getting damaged during the journey. The lightness of the device will provide you with maximum comfort while playing hits. A convenient button mounted on the device will allow you not only to answer calls, but also to adjust the volume or manage music.

Toshiba Earphone is a top-of-the-line earphone that comes bundled with a Toshiba speaker and Toshiba wireless headphones will provide the best sound qualityToshiba Earphone is a top-of-the-line earphone that provides the best sound quality to every user. During their production, modern and innovative technologies were used, which guarantee such a sensational musical experience. Crystal clear highs, as well as very strong bass – this is a certainty when using Toshiba headphones. And on top of that, there's great noise cancellation! Stunning sound quality isn't everything, though, as a hands-free microphone has also been built into the hardware.

Excellent design is essentialThe headphones are distinguished by their very ergonomic shape. They have been constructed in such a way that they perfectly adapt to the ears of each user. Thanks to this, they are very efficient, and even listening to your favorite hits for hours is not a nuisance. It is also a convenient proposition for active people, because the device fits perfectly in the ears also during sports or household activities. In addition, the product is made of durable and flexible material that guarantees a very long service life.

Theheadphones are fully wireless, giving you maximum freedom of movement. The equipment can be easily connected to mobile devices via Bluetooth. The headphones are compatible with most devices. The connection itself is very fast. It's also incredibly easy to switch playback between two different mobile devices thanks to the multi-function keys. The headphones will also allow you to make phone calls with your friends comfortably! The best call quality – you will be heard perfectly, and you will also be able to hear your interlocutors perfectly. The convenient and practical Bluetooth function will give you the freedom to move within a range of up to eight meters from your smartphone! The headphones are equipped with a practical and powerful battery with a capacity of 55 mAh. It will ensure that you can listen to your favorite music continuously for up to four hours! The set includes a micro USB cable that will allow you to charge the headphones.

Wireless Speaker The Toshiba speaker is a great solution for any music lover! If you can't imagine a moment without your favorite hits in the background – you will simply fall in love with this solution. The device will provide you with a perfect music experience! Clear highs, as well as deep, powerful bass are a certainty with this equipment. The device is equipped with a capacious 600mAh battery, which will guarantee you music playback for up to 10 hours.

Durable Bluetooth connectionThe device uses the Bluetooth function, which allows you to pair it with wireless headphones or with any mobile device, such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop. A single charge will give you up to nine hours of listening to your favorite hits. The power of the device is 6 W, so it will provide you with powerful sound, without unnecessary noise and interference even at high volume.

The set includes
  • Toshiba Wireless Headphones
  • Toshiba Wireless Speaker
  • Słuchawki Toshiba Earphone
  • Original manufacturer's packaging