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Panasonic KXTGC410EB Digital Cordless Telephone with Nuisance Call Block - Single | EDL KXTGC410EB

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Product code: 163715

Top features: 

- Caller ID and Nuisance Call Block for your privacy 

- Long cordless range with speakerphone for hands-free calls 

- Eco mode and long standby time 

- Built-in alarm keeps you organised 

Caller ID and Nuisance Call Block

It's always great to be able to see who's calling so you can decide which calls are most important to answer – that's why the Panasonic KX-TGC410EB Cordless Phone offers a Caller ID function.

Keep your evenings peaceful with Nuisance Call Block, which can bar up to 30 preset numbers so you're not bothered by cold calls in the middle of dinner. Block any number, including any head string of 2 to 8 digits that match your predefined numbers or numberless calls.

Remember that you'll need a subscription to the Caller ID service offered by your provider, and that numberless calls are blocked in accordance with your provider or telephone company.

Long cordless range with speakerphone

Talk up to 100 m away from the base set when you're indoors, and up to 300 m away outdoors – you can check on your kids or pets in the garden without having to hang up.

If you're cooking, working or have your hands full, the speakerphone function allows for hands-free calling so you can carry on with what you're doing while continuing your conversation. It's also great for family or group calls.

Eco mode and long standby time

Conserving battery life and lowering electricity usage, the KXTGC410EB Phone has a one-touch eco mode. You can clearly see when eco mode is activated on the phone's big LCD display. On a full charge, the phone can be left unused for up to eight days or 200 hours.

Built-in alarm keeps you organised

Used the advanced alarm to wake you up or as a reminder – you can set it to ring once or every day, and it includes 3, 5 and 10-minute snooze intervals for your convenience.

Telephone KX-TGC410EB
Digital Cordless Phone
Affordable cordless phone with stylish design and user-friendly functions.
Digital Cordless Phone and Speakerphone with Nuisance Call Block.
Nuisance Call Block
Up to 30 entries
Name and Number Phonebook
Up to 50 entries
Nuisance Call Block
Put an end to unwanted calls such as telemarketers. You can block specific numbers (or entire groups of numbers based on the first two to eight digits...
Familiar, Rounded Design
Blending with your interior
The handset does not offset your interior through its gentle, rounded form.

Stylish, Compact Base Unit
One style fits all
The compact base unit is designed with an elegant wedge-sole silhouette in mind so that it does not disrupt the relaxing atmosphere...
Easy to Pick Up and Put Back Cradle
Relieving stress using the handset
The base unit's large cradle (handset receptor) makes it easy to pick up and put the handset back smoothly.

Self-standing Handset
Easy to set and pick up
Lets you see the display easily when a call is received even during non-charging, as well as ensuring that you can clearly hear the other party's voice from the rear speaker when using the speakerphone.
One Touch Eco Mode
One Touch Eco Mode let you lower the power consumption
Just press the dedicated ECO button. Signal output is reduced by up to 90% and power consumption is reduced by about 3.5% when compared with the normal mode.
In the Eco mode, the ECO indicator is clearly displayed on the LCD to show the Eco mode is activated.