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HOMELINE Rehargeable Torch & Lantern Ultralight Pal 8124 | TE8124

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Product Information

  • Weather resistant and suited for use in adverse weather conditions
  • 1.2 Watt LED Rechargeable torch and lantern
  • 16 hours continuous light from a single charge
  • 70 lumens
  • 100m beam distance


The Ultralightpal 8124 is a 1.2 watt rechargeable torch. It comes with a flashlight attachment to facilitate hands free use at home or on the farm. The LED technology offers hours and hours of light off a single charge. It is durable and robust with a comfortable grip. It has a super bright torch with 70 lumens and a 100m beam distance. The fully rechargeable and weatherproof Ultralightpal gives 16 hours continuous light from a single charge. The LED bulb is extremely energy efficient and consumes up to 90% less power than incandescent bulbs. They only use a fraction of the energy and this causes a dramatic decrease in power costs.

Money and energy is saved in maintenance and replacement costs due to their long lifespan. During the winter months adequate lighting is very important for farmers. The hand held torch is lightweight and cost effective; it is perfect if you are doing jobs around poorly lit areas . Always turn off the light when you are not using it to save energy and store in a cool dry safe place.