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Best Tech Christmas Gifts in Ireland: Comprehensive Guide

Best Tech Christmas Gifts in Ireland: Comprehensive Guide

Holiday season is around the corner, and with those joyful days comes the hunt for amazing gifts to gift our beloved friends and family members. So, if you are looking to surprise all the people on your “Nice list” with a special gift, we have put together an easy guide to find the best tech gifts to hand out this Christmas.

Whether you're looking for a gaming laptop, a simple mouse, or a way for your loved one to stream their favourite shows, we found the best holiday tech gifts for a variety of people and price points.


Regardless of whether they're looking to stream, play games, read, work or just check the news while on the go, a tablet is an excellent and very useful tool. A gift anyone will enjoy and be grateful for.

    Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite 32GB Silver | SM-T220NZSAEUA

    • Price range: from €110 

    Tablets - Irwins Megastore



    Have a loved one that likes to be fit? A smartwatch can help get them through the most rugged conditions, whether it's biking, hiking, or another outdoor activity. With great and durable designs, GPS navigation, capabilities to monitor your heart rate, pulse and even blood oxygen level, these watches can be used in multiple ways. They can be used to track health, fitness, and location and some models come with up to a month of battery life with a single charge!

    A top gift for your fitness fanatics this Christmas.

    HUAWEI GT2 DAN-B19 Watch Black


    • Price range: from €50

    Smartwatches - Irwins Megastore



    Noise Cancelling, Adjustable fit, Water resistance, long battery life, long distance range, Customizable EQ and of course Great Audio Quality; just some of the specs you will find on these audio products.

    A very special gift, especially for those who love to always have their tunes fired up. 

    Boompods Wireless Easytouch Earphones Black | BTWSBK

    • Price range: from €25


    Sony Bluetooth Headphones Black | WHCH510BCE7

    • Price range: from €13


    TRUST GXT 391 Thian Wireless Gaming Headset | T24502

    • Price range: from €20


    Headphones & Earphones — Irwins Megastore


    Electric Scooter

    Packed with LED lights, speakers, reliable brakes in a lightweight build.

    Fast, modern, durable, safe.

    A great and fun gift that kids, teens or adults, all get to enjoy!

    Some models are capable of reaching speeds of 40kmh, and up to 48km of distance on a single charge.

    Hover-1 Alpha Adults Electric Scooter Black || EU-H1-ALPHA-BLK

    • Price range: from €220

    Electric Scooters — Irwins Megastore


    Smart TV

    When it comes to home entertainment, a TV is a must have. For your loved one that loves binge-watching series, or is a movie enthusiast, or a sports fan, a Smart TV can be life-changing.

    You can give them access to an infinity of streaming services, such as Disney+ and Netflix, as well as apps such as YouTube and Amazon Prime.

    With Smart TVs, the gamer in your life can also connect to online games and live tournaments. Smart TVs can also play music and radio, ideal for when you are entertaining guests or relaxing.

    LG 32" FHD HDR Smart TV | 32LQ63006LA

    • Price range: from €230

    TVs - Irwins Megastore



    Whether it is for work, or for gaming, a good monitor is an ideal gift for anyone who spends a lot of time on their computer. 

    More pixels, more quality. Today's monitors will make you bask in the beauty of 1.07 billion colours on the big screen, for more precise, true-to-life gradients.

    A gift every true tech enthusiast will absolutely love!

    Acer ED0 ED320QR P 80cm (31.5″) Full HD LCD Monitor | UM.JE0EE.P06

    • Price range: from €150

    Monitors - Irwins Megastore


    Bluetooth speaker

    A great gift for anyone who likes to get the mood set or the party started anytime, anywhere.

    Thanks to their compact size, their ease of use, and great connectivity, the limitations when it comes to pulling out one of these devices and getting their favourite tunes playing out loud, are basically non-existent. 

    They can connect to them via Bluetooth and start listening to any desired content as quickly as you read this paragraph. 

    LG XBOOM Go Bluetooth Speaker With Meridian Audio | PL2

    • Price range: from €25

     Bluetooth Speakers - Irwins Megastore



    Streaming Device

    These wonders will allow even the oldest TV’s (as long as they have HDMI ports) to turn into smart TV’s, allowing you to enjoy the range of apps and streaming services out there nowadays.

    A Quick and easy setup, Voice and remote control, Top Video and Audio Quality, are just some of the things these devices offer.

    These make for a gift you would want to gift yourself!

    Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K, 3rd Generation 3rd Gen Remote | IR58940

    GOOGLE Chromecast with Google TV | GA01919-IE

    • Price range: from €40

     Streaming Devices - Irwins Megastore



    Some of the essentials for working with a desktop computer, whether that is for working or playing! 

    Add a bit of vibrancy to their set-up by considering models with RGB lighting!

    The design of a mouse or keyboard is often not only for the aesthetic but can also positively impact their wellbeing or game performance. Increasingly ergonomic designs increase the comfort of users, where as reducing the weight of some models of mice can help increase game performance.  


    VIVANCO 1000 DPI USB Wireless Office Mouse | 36639

    Trust ESCA pc laptop Keyboard illuminated | T24279

    • Price range: from €15

    Mice & Keyboards - Irwins Megastore 


    Router/Wifi Extender

    Have you ever found a friend, family member or even yourself in the weirdest situations trying to get WiFi signal when it won't reach certain areas of the building?

    Then this might be the perfect gift! Allow them to take full advantage of their network in the entirety of their home/office, by gifting them a WiFi extender which will boost the signal to those network black spots!

    Trust us, they'll thank you for life.

    TP-Link 300Mbps Wi-Fi Range Extender | EDL TL-WA855RE

    • Price range: from €25

     Learn more here

    Wifi extenders - Irwins Megastore 


    Smart home (Speakers, plugs)

    Wouldn't it be a nice thing from you to make your loved one's home smarter? 

    You can do that by gifting them a speaker that will tell them the weather for the day, make grocery shopping lists, play music or interact with them. They could also connect to other smart devices in their home, like smart plugs or smart bulbs, to turn on/off appliances and set schedules.

    A gift that can blow minds!


    Google Home Nest Mini - Charcoal | GA00781-GB

    • Price range: from €60

    Smart Speakers - Irwins Megastore



    • Price range: from €14

    Smart Plugs - Irwins Megastore


    Bluetooth tracker 

    A small gift with a big impact. No more lost keys, cards, bags, etc...

    This little device will allow them to locate their belongings by showing them in the app where they had them last, alert them if they leave them behind, and even play a loud noise to help them locate the item if they can't find it.

    Pretty affordable and very handy gift.

    Chipolo ONE Bluetooth Tracker (Red) || CH-C19M-RD-R

    • Price range: from €25

    Bluetooth Trackers - Irwins Megastore



    A life saver. Always a good and very useful gift to give.

    Capable of up to 8 charges on some models

    INTENSO P10000 Powerbank 10000mAh Black | 63293

    • Price range: from €30

    Powerbanks - Irwins Megastore

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