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Kitchen Christmas Gift Ideas: Appliances That Make the Best Presents

Kitchen Christmas Gift Ideas: Appliances That Make the Best Presents

Find thoughtful and practical gifts for all the family at Irwins Megastore this year. We have gift ideas for everybody including Bake Off fans, foodies, families and everyone in between.  You can't go wrong with one of our top 5 gift appliances.


Take a look at our 2022 Christmas gift ideas below for presents your loved ones will adore.

Waffle Makers & 3-in-1 Panini, Sandwich, Waffle Makers

This Christmas, give the gift of golden waffle heaven. Waffle Makers are a winning gift for any age and they are perfect for loved ones with a sweet or savoury tooth. Waffle makers are easy to use, easy to clean and lots of fun.

What we love about our waffle makers is their versatility. The Cecotec Double Waffle Maker for example makes large waffles and can be used for savoury or dessert waffles. It also has an ingenious adjustable power feature so everyone gets their favourite waffle type - crispy, soft or just so.

Alternatively, choose one of our 3-in-1 Sandwich, Panini and Waffle Maker machines. 3-in-1 waffle makers have removable cooking plates so you can switch between delicious food choices with ease. The plates are dishwasher safe too, making the clean up quick and simple.


Shop Waffle Makers, prices start at €39.99


Coffee Machines

You don’t have to be a professional Barista to make great coffee - not with our cream-of-the-crop coffee machines! Coffee machines are a wonderful Christmas gift for new homeowners, caffeine lovers, breakfast lovers and just about anyone who drinks coffee. 

We stock a host of the best coffee machines including Pod Machines, Pump Machines, Nespresso machines and Sage Barista Machines. You’re bound to find the ideal coffee machine for your loved one at Irwins Megastore.

Coffee Pod coffee machines are compact and ideal for everyday use. They make great gifts for anyone who likes to start the day with a tasty hot drink. The DELONGHI Nescafe Dolce Gusto Piccolo coffee machine is simple to use, stylish to look at and budget-friendly.  While the Nespresso Vertuo Plus & Milk Coffee Machine also offers four different drink sizes.

The larger Dinamica Plus Coffee Machine has a choice of 12 different coffee recipes. All are made with freshly ground coffee beans. Make two drinks at a time and top them with creamy long-lasting milk foam.


Shop coffee machines, prices start at €39.99



Give Them The Practical Gift They’ve Been Waiting For

Some gifts, you just can't go wrong with at Christmas. Especially when it’s a gift your loved one has been waiting for. Practical gifts that will be used every day are thoughtful Christmas presents that make life easier for the recipient. And, just because they are practical doesn’t mean they aren’t stylish. We have some of the most stylish small appliance options for Christmas 2022 including toasters, kettles and air fryers.

There are more sizes and styles of toasters than you could imagine. Choose between Scandanavian-inspired toaster styles, chrome finished or rose gold accents. Whether you’re looking for a small 2-slice toaster gift or an impressive 4-slice toaster - we have them all.

Kettles have gone through a design renaissance in recent years that has resulted in award-winning designs. Gone are the days when kettles were for function only. Now, they are a must-have feature item for every kitchen. This Christmas, why not gift a stunning glass kettle, a slick stainless steel kettle or an elegant jug kettle?

Air Fryers are the Christmas gift that keeps on giving. Anyone with an air fryer will tell you that they use it daily. These new cooking sensations are versatile and make every meal that bit healthier and simpler. If you’re buying a gift for a family, then opt for a dual basket or large-capacity air fryer.


Christmas Gifts For Little Chefs and Families

Cooking is fun for all ages. Let your little chefs experiment in the kitchen with a kitchen appliance gift the whole family can enjoy. These gift appliances are wonderful Christmas presents that bring the family together for mealtime fun.

Ice Cream Makers

The ultimate Santa gift for young families and anyone with a sweet tooth. An ice cream maker is a fantastic Christmas gift choice that makes homemade ice cream in just 30 minutes. 

Create your own ice cream flavours or choose one from the 30 recipes in the included recipe book. Better still, check the Magimix app for more ice cream making inspiration. Ice cream makers are easy to use and kids love adding in chocolate chips and berries to create their own creations.

An ice cream maker is the kind of Christmas gift that everyone wishes Santa would bring. For Christmas gifts for amateur cooks or kids that love ice cream, an ice cream maker is the way to go.


Shop ice cream makers, prices start at €64.99


Sandwich Makers

There's nothing like a toasted sandwich to put a smile on someone's face, young or old. Give a reason for an even bigger smile this Christmas with a sandwich maker. These are great gifts for individuals, couples and families because they are so versatile.

They can be used with any bread type, be it batch or gluten-free, and there are no limits to the type of fillings you can add. Buy a sandwich maker this Christmas for the person in your life who loves to experiment with food. Or buy one for a student who can’t cook.  A sandwich maker is a simple gift that is always warmly received.

 Shop sandwich makers, prices start at €25.99


Gifts For Baking Fans

Help fans of baking bring out their inner Mary Berry this Christmas. For anyone who likes to bake cakes, bread or desserts, a food mixer is a dream gift. For a baker, a food mixer is the iconic baking accessory. It makes baking simpler and opens up endless possibilities for the types of delectable goodies they can make. Get them the right mixer and they may even share their baked goods with you.

Shop Food Mixers, prices start at €59.99

Call in-store to Irwins Megastore or shop online at for small appliance gifts this Christmas.


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