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2 Types of Streaming Devices: Comparison for Beginners

2 Types of Streaming Devices: Comparison for Beginners

Recent years have brought us an array of services and platforms that have completely changed the way we consume media and entertainment, many households have replaced their cable or antenna TV provider subscriptions for the way less expensive and more customized streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Youtube TV, NOW TV, HBO Max, Disney + and many many others, the list is very long and the alternatives are endless for every person’s taste. 

But here’s the catch, you need a smart TV to be able to enjoy all of that content, and the thing is, not everybody is able to afford one or is willing to spend the quids that they would have to put down to acquire theirs. So, the solution for that issue was engineered in the shape of all those streaming and casting devices that allow us to make even the oldest TV’s (as long as they have HDMI ports) into smart TV’s, in order to enjoy the complete range of apps and streaming services out there nowadays.

Of all the different options in the market for these streaming devices, we could say that Amazon’s Fire TV Stick and Google’s Chromecast are by far the most popular and demanded, and in this specific article we are going to discuss some of the features and specs from the two most similar models that they sell, those being the Amazon’s Fire TV Stick 4K an the Google’s Chromecast With Google TV.

Google Chromecast with Google TVAmazon Fire TV Stick

The Set Up

The Chromecast with Google TV setup is pretty straightforward. After plugging it into your TV’s HDMI port, the Google Home app on your phone and instructions on the TV guide you seamlessly through the process. There’s an option to complete the setup on the TV, but using your Android or iPhone is much easier and quicker. Nevertheless, it’s nice to have a backup. Chromecast with Google TV is top-notch when it comes to user-friendliness, it’s well-organized and streamlined with a clean, modern feel. 

The Firestick is also designed to be simple and painless. It’s different from Chromecast in that you set up your Firestick on the TV using the remote, not with an app. But like Chromecast, the Firestick’s interface is easy enough to navigate. The updated version is more personalized and lets you create multiple user profiles as well. That said, it feels a tad less intuitive than Google TV. It shows you the Fire Stick channels or apps you use the most and offers recommendations, but it doesn’t feel as personalized.


Voice and Remote Control

Both devices come with a voice remote.

The Google Assistant button on the Chromecast lets you use your voice remote to give commands — for example “Play Stranger Things on Netflix.” You can also ask it to open your favorite streaming services and show you content in your favorite genres. There are dedicated YouTube and Netflix buttons and you use the circle touch pad at the top to play, rewind, pause, etc. You also have the option to set up your remote to control your TV (turn off, turn on, change inputs, etc.). This can be pretty handy if you’re fed up with having multiple remotes. The remote itself comes in three different colors: snow, sunrise and sky. 

The Alexa remote is a bit more traditional than the Google TV remote with dedicated pause, play, rewind and fast-forward buttons. This makes it a great choice for those who are a little tech-nervous, as the remote is pretty close to a regular TV remote. The Alexa voice remote has four buttons for major streaming services — Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+ and Hulu, though it’s missing YouTube. This also depends on where you buy your Firestick.

Video and Audio Quality

Both devices streams up to 4K quality video, are compatible with HDR, and have Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision capabilities, so whether you end up choosing one or the other, the quality of the images and sounds will be outstanding.

Haven’t made up your mind yet? Well, we think you could just throw a coin and decide it that way because for us its a tie, they both are great streaming devices without much to differ between them in terms of streaming quality, pricing, app support and remote controls. 

And guess what? both are available at Irwins Megastore for €69.99!

Go ahead and give one of them a shot here: Streaming Devices - Irwins Megastore

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